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Know The Difference: 4 Types of Commercial Doors

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Types of Commercial Doors

If you’re in the market for a commercial door, there are some key elements to consider. Beginning with the basic, the number question you should ask your self what is the primary function of the door. Is it for loading equipment in and out of your building? Is it for storing vehicles? is it merely for handling large groups of people walking in and out. Knowing exactly what you’ll be using your garage door for will help you determine the type of door you need and what type of features should come with the door.

Doors do more than just allow for a passageway. They aid in ventilation of air, allow for more light to shine through, and provide great protection when not in use. Commercial Garage Doors come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and are built from different materials depending on their use. Some of the main types of commercial garage doors are roll up doors, fire rated, doors, overhead doors, and scissor gates. Each of them has their own unique advantages and function differently. Below is a short description of each in order to help you make the best decision for what type of commercial garage door your need. If you are looking to have a commercial garage door installed call the professionals at On Track Overhead Doors.

Overhead Doors

One of the most popular types of garage doors are Overhead doors. They are named such, because they are lifted via a track or rail until they are horizontal with the ceiling. Overhead doors are either operated manually or are motorized using a remote unit which brings the door all the up and lowers it again. They are made from different materials that can range from glass and aluminum to wood or metal. Overhead doors are sectioned into long slats which are held together by hinges. This is what allow them the flexibility to roll up and down.


Fire Rated Doors

Fire rated doors operate in much the same way as roll up doors. They are raised and lowered either manually or using motorized equipment. The biggest difference is that they provide greater protection than most standard roll up doors. This is because they are made from a thick, durable stainless steel that is fire resistant, noise resistant, and offers amazing insulation. Fire rated doors are flexible enough to be custom built for any type of door scenario, and are often used in warehouses, mills, distribution centers, and parking garages. They come with auto closing features in the event that a fire is detected.


Roll Up Doors

The name says it all. Roll up doors roll up in to a single coil when lifted. With roll up doors the slats are much thinner than on an overhead door in order to allow for maximum flexibility so that it can roll with ease. Roll up doors are ideal in situations where rails for overhead doors either get in the way or there is no accommodation for rails such as a wide open warehouse. This provides a cleaner solution while give you the same result as any other type of door. with roll up door the entire model is attached to the inner wall and led by guides until it is fully rolled up.


Scissor Gates

Scissor gates doors operate in a completely different manner than overhead, fire rated, or roll up doors. Using a unique design scissor gate doors move from left to right (or vice versa) like a sliding door and lock like a normal door once closed. They are constructed from high quality impenetrable steel in order to give you ultimate protection. If used for an outside entryway scissor gate doors work really well. For any inside walkway, however, they act best as reinforcement for a standard garage door.

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