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Its more than likely you haven’t had your garage door examined in years, and that preventative maintenance is something that has been completely foregone. It is very easy to take the need for work and general maintenance on a garage door for granted, but it can certainly be necessary, especially as a unit gets older. If you are unaware of what to look for when you need maintenance performed, here are a few suggestions that you should keep an eye out for.

  1. Door Slamming: Your garage door should gradually and gently close itself; it should not do so in a forceful fashion. If your garage door is closing hard, this will eventually cause damage to the lower panels of the door, leading to cracks that will negatively impact your garage’s heating, and the appearance of your home.
    To fix this kind of issue you will need to have your door re balanced. This is not always an easy repair, but a poorly balanced door can be a definite safety hazard. These doors are dangerous due to how quickly and hard they may close, which can pose a threat to children or even pets. This will also damage the garage opener’s motor over time, making it more likely that you will have to replace the unit.
  2. Rattling: If you hear noticeable rattling whenever you close or open your door, then that means that there is likely a problem with your tracks. If the tracks are too loose this is likely the cause of the problem, but you do not want to attempt to make these adjustments on your own. Tightening the rails too much will result in the vibrations from opening and closing your doors transferring into your walls, which will eventually result in cracks in the walls, compromising their structure.
  3. Stuttering Motions: If your door opens or closes in a stuttering, jerky motion, then there is probably a major issue with the system’s motor. You want to get the proper solution to this concern as quickly as possible, as failing to do so can result in the motor burning out, sometimes only after a few uses more. Not seeing to this issue will inevitably result in your garage door failing.
  4. Cold Weather: As cold weather rolls in, this can actually cause serious problems for your garage door opener. A system that has not had proper maintenance performed and is not well oiled will suffer more through cold weather than one that has had the necessary preventative maintenance performed. This can result in serious wear on your opener’s motor.
  5. If your garage door is showing any of these warning signs, you will want to take advantage of the repair services of a licensed contractor. You should turn to the experienced staff at On Track Overhead Doors, and find the right solution for your garage door, at the most affordable pricing.

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