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Garage Door Problem Troubleshooting Advice for Chicagoland Residents

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There are many reasons that you should no longer tolerate the problems with your garage door. First off, when your garage door is malfunctioning, you cannot use the area to protect your cars from criminal threats and the elements. Second, when your garage door is broken, it can be used by criminals as a point of entry into your Chicagoland home. Third, garage door problems make it extremely difficult to utilize your garage for storage in an effective fashion.

When it comes to garage door repair and troubleshooting, nothing beats hiring a professional garage door repair contractor to help you resolve the problem. The garage door repair specialists at On Track Overhead Doors have the skills and knowledge necessary to service all of your garage door related needs. When you hire their professionals, you can feel confident that the garage door problem will be resolved quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

In order to help Chicagoland residents understand their garage door problems, the garage door repair contractors at On Track Overhead Doors have provided the following garage door problem troubleshooting guide. When in doubt, it is always best to call a professional that can repair the problem quickly and easily.

Common Garage Door Problems

The following is a list of common garage door problems with the most common repair solutions. The garage door repair contractors can resolve all of these issues, even if the source of the problem is rare:

  • Garage door will not close completely
    There may be a problem that has persisted since installation. Test to see if this is the case by manually lowering the garage door. If it does not close all the way, call a garage door repair contractor. There may also be a problem with your close limit switch.
  • Garage door opens immediately after closing completely
    This is also likely a problem with the close limit switch. A garage repair contractor can easily resolve this issue.
  • Garage door does not open remotely or by wall switch
    Because it is unlikely that both the remote and wall switch have failed, it is most likely a problem with the garage door opener. This could be a power issue or a motor issue. Trained repair contractors can diagnose either problem quickly.
  • Remote control does not open garage door
    The four most common causes for this problem include the remote being out of range, the antenna on the garage door opener has malfunctioned, the batteries in the remote have expired, or the remote needs reprogramming.

No matter what garage door problems are afflicting you in your Chicagolaned home, the garage door repair contractors at On Track Overhead Doors can resolve the issue quickly and conveniently.

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